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Deb Villarese Healthy Living

Welcome to Bella Wellness Living! My goal is to help you bridge the gap between your lifespan and your ‘health span.’ It’s not enough to just live longer if you cannot live well. Through my expertise I will share with you some of my discoveries that lie below many of today’s health annoyances and help you live a healthy life.

Let me help you make the right changes through:

Take control of your health!

There are things in the foods we eat, the products we use around the house, even in what we put on our body that are making us sick, without us even knowing it!

Learn what you should avoid and what you should use throughout the blogs on this website.

I want you to feel good and I am happy to share this information with you!

Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Print

Our Health Print is unique to us as our Finger Print Every person’s fingerprints are unique to that person. Thus, it would make sense that if we looked at our  own“Health Print” it [...]

GMO versus Non-GMO – Facts You Should Know

If you have shopped in a natural foods store in the last couple years, you have probably seen products bearing the label "GMO-free" or "contains only non-GMO ingredients," with GMO standing for Genetically Modified Organisms. [...]

Are Household Cleaners Making our Kids Sick?

Are there Health Hazards hanging out under your kitchen sink, in your laundry room, garage or basement?  Recent research findings suggest that manufacturers of household cleaners have too much freedom in the way they formulate [...]

Your diet can weaken your immune system

Sugar is one of the biggest offenders to a weakened immune system because it attacks your immune system. Years ago, I learned from Dr. Linden Smith, who studied the negative health effects of sugar, why [...]

Is Your Home Hurting You?

Our home should be the SAFEST place in our world! But did you know that your health could be affected by substances hidden in your diet or in your environment?   Many times the solution to [...]

Food Supplements are Not Created Equal

Choose Quality, Purity, Performance when you are buying supplements for your health Did you know that all Food Supplements are not created equal? Do you know what to look for? Most people don't [...]