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What are Vitamins?

According to Wikipedia, physicians were being trained in surgery as early as 1220. They were being trained at universities to give a medical diagnosis and prognosis even before then! In the early 1500s, nearly 300 years later,  Leonardo DaVinci was drawing the human anatomy from cadavers. He obtained them illegaly, it was thought, just so [...]

What’s in the word, Vitamin?

Did you know that vitamins have been around for less than a century? WHAT?  How can that be? Well, the “word” vitamin has only been around for less than a century! What does "Vitamin" really mean? The definition of the word, vitamin, means “vital for life,” so it would seem no coincidence that vitamins have [...]

GMO versus Non-GMO – Facts You Should Know

If you have shopped in a natural foods store in the last couple years, you have probably seen products bearing the label "GMO-free" or "contains only non-GMO ingredients," with GMO standing for Genetically Modified Organisms. This refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level and is also described as "genetically [...]

Are Household Cleaners Making our Kids Sick?

Are there Health Hazards hanging out under your kitchen sink, in your laundry room, garage or basement?  Recent research findings suggest that manufacturers of household cleaners have too much freedom in the way they formulate the products we use in our homes.  In fact, many of the ingredients commonly used in household products might actually [...]

Your diet can weaken your immune system

Sugar is one of the biggest offenders to a weakened immune system because it attacks your immune system. Years ago, I learned from Dr. Linden Smith, who studied the negative health effects of sugar, why so many children and adults are sick around Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s because of the enormous amount of sugar consumed [...]

Is Your Home Hurting You?

Our home should be the SAFEST place in our world! But did you know that your health could be affected by substances hidden in your diet or in your environment?   Many times the solution to someone’s long-time health situation lies in a minor adjustment, and perhaps some “new thinking.”  Drugs can be a bandage for [...]