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Healthy Nutrition

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Heart Health

Heart Health is about having all the pieces In honor of American Heart Month, let’s take a look at stress and its impact on heart health. Heart health is an important topic because it takes into account our food choices, weight, activity, and stress management, as well as our ability to handle life. What is [...]

What are Vitamins?

According to Wikipedia, physicians were being trained in surgery as early as 1220. They were being trained at universities to give a medical diagnosis and prognosis even before then! In the early 1500s, nearly 300 years later,  Leonardo DaVinci was drawing the human anatomy from cadavers. He obtained them illegaly, it was thought, just so [...]

What’s in the word, Vitamin?

Did you know that vitamins have been around for less than a century? WHAT?  How can that be? Well, the “word” vitamin has only been around for less than a century! What does "Vitamin" really mean? The definition of the word, vitamin, means “vital for life,” so it would seem no coincidence that vitamins have [...]

Trillions of Reasons Why You Might Want to Supplement

Your body contains trillions of cells, with billions of new cells created each day.  Each cell is like a high performance engine and needs high quality nutrition daily to run smoothly. The quantity and quality of nutrition consumed effects every system of your body. But many people do not eat enough of the right foods [...]

GMO versus Non-GMO – Facts You Should Know

If you have shopped in a natural foods store in the last couple years, you have probably seen products bearing the label "GMO-free" or "contains only non-GMO ingredients," with GMO standing for Genetically Modified Organisms. This refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level and is also described as "genetically [...]

Your diet can weaken your immune system

Sugar is one of the biggest offenders to a weakened immune system because it attacks your immune system. Years ago, I learned from Dr. Linden Smith, who studied the negative health effects of sugar, why so many children and adults are sick around Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s because of the enormous amount of sugar consumed [...]

Food Supplements are Not Created Equal

Choose Quality, Purity, Performance when you are buying supplements for your health Did you know that all Food Supplements are not created equal? Do you know what to look for? Most people don't even know what questions to ask when choosing supplements! Below are 10 questions to ask yourself BEFORE buying a food [...]

Aspartame Poisoning the Sweet Truth

Seeing a post on the dangers of aspartame made me think of a story I thought I would share. My husband has worked in the medical device industry for decades, and back in the mid to late 1970’s he was sitting at a meeting at GD Searle in Northbrook, IL (which no longer exists - [...]

Make your own Granola

( I usually double this seems one batch is never enough - it’s that good!) 3 cups of oats 1 cup wheatgerm (sometimes I use oat bran) 1/4 cup sesame seeds (difficult to find, sometimes I omit) 1/4 cup flax seed 1/4 cup sunflower seed 1/2 cup almond slivers 1 tbs barley malt 1 [...]

Desserts without Dairy or Gluten? Yummy!

Tasty desserts with Low Sugar, No Dairy and NO Gluten? Yes, you can! Those of us who have had to remove “dairy” and “gluten” from our diet and keep our sugar consumption to less than 20 grams a day must pretty much give up on ALL deserts. Sure, you can buy “gluten-free” cookies but they [...]