Your body contains trillions of cells, with billions of new cells created each day.  Each cell is like a high performance engine and needs high quality nutrition daily to run smoothly. The quantity and quality of nutrition consumed effects every system of your body. But19430193_10210182705021002_4905028938168318471_n many people do not eat enough of the right foods to get all the nutrients they need. There are many reasons to supplement your diet. Regardless of your age, vitamins not only have an important role in how you look and feel today, but also how you will be able to enjoy the last 20-30 years of your life.

Here is a “short” list of reasons to supplement your diet.

  • They Build Up Your Immune System.  Your immune system is what will help you ward off illness and disease. They are not “caught” like a virus.  If you think about it, illnesses like cancer, heart disease or diabetes are ailments created in your own system and are caused from nutrient deficiencies or excesses. That might include getting too much sugar or unhealthy fats, or eating foods that fill the gut, but don’t feed your cells.
  • They Increase Your Energy Level. Vitamins and minerals do this by releasing
    energy from the foods which you digest. Conversely, if you put junk IN, you’ll get junk OUT. Digesting is another point to consider in the health and wellness arena. Your health is only as good as what your body is able to absorb. (Note: the aging process seems to alter the absorption rate.)
  • They Can Enhance Your Appearance. Your skin clearness, tone, elasticity, hair strength, thickness and color, finger nail strength, color and texture all depend on the vitamins and minerals you absorb.  Have you ever noticed that some people look 50 at 30 and others look 30 at 50?
  • They Can Expand Your Intelligence. In addition to expanded intelligence, they also increase your brain function and your ability to concentrate. Your memory and cognitive function may be enhanced as well. We already know our ability to think, reason, and function rely on the nutrition you select to take into your body. Have you ever thought “my sugar level is dropping…I need something to eat or drink?” That shows the correlation between mind and stomach.

Do you really know what you’re putting into your body?

We all seem to count our steps or our calories these days, but are you counting the variety of vegetables and fruits a day you eat daily? And the biggest question of all is – do you know how many nutrients are in those foods? If you want a stronger immune system, more energy, higher intelligence, or a healthier look, we can’t count on our foods to do it all for us any longer. Agricultural changes, manufacturer processing, and storage can all effect what is available for our bodies to absorb.

I look at supplementing as the real “Health Insurance” that requires each of us to be involved and take responsibility in of our own health. I would define the Affordable Care Act as “Sickness Insurance” because you turn your health over to a doctor. We each have that choice to make. But subtle changes in your lifestyle over a period of time can give you more life to your years.

There is still time to make changes in order to have those last decades of your life be the best yet! What kind of future are you designing for yourself today? If you are relying on food, how do you know you are getting all your body requires? There are many reasons to supplement your diet…what’s yours?

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