Did you know that vitamins have been around for less than a century?

WHAT?  How can that be? Well, the “word” vitamin has only been around for less than a century!


What does “Vitamin” really mean?

The definition of the word, vitamin, means “vital for life,” so it would seem no coincidence that vitamins have been in our food supply from the beginning of time. Yet the discovery that vitamins existed in plants didn’t occur until 1912. The word, vitamin, didn’t become part of our language until 1920. It wasn’t until 1930 when Vitamin C’s ascorbic acid was found to treat scurvy and 1934 when the benefits of B12 were understood.

When you think about it, nutrition and the study of nutrition is really just over 100 years old. Yet food was available in the form of plants for [Adam and Eve] the first life forms on Earth [thousands] millions of years ago. The role of nutrition and health was just assumed for centuries. No one gave much thought to the absorption rate of different foods in our system or the role of nutrition or lack of nutrition in human health or cause of dis-ease.

Thousands of years ago, there were no processed foods

Back then, there was NO processed foods. Even 100 years ago there was very little processed food. Processing was mixing natural ingredients to cook or bake and create a cookie, or a baked fruit. Our ancestors grew and stored their own foods.  They canned their own fruits and veggies for the winter, or they stored their roots vegetables in the cellar.

And then the industrial revolution hit America.  Why make your own food, let “us” make it for you. It added more variety to our diets, and, in addition, it created new ways to create income and a “profit” which came from selling more or costing less.  Quality of food was not as important, along with new ways of farming, the nutrition in our foods began losing nutrition starting at the end of WWII by about 1% a year.  Hmm  that’s around 64+ years ago .  These are the stats since then.

Statistics don’t lie:

Heart Disease  1950 = 1 in 80      1970 = 1 in 6   2007  = 1 in 2

Heart Attack   1926 = 20,883    1940  = 1 in 2114   2007 = 1 in 2

Diabetes  in 1980 5.5% of population   in 2014   22.9% of population

(Sourced from US Dept Health Data 2007, JAMA, British Medical Journal, American Heart Association,  Center for alternative Cancer research, National Cancer Research, American Institute for Cancer research)

Notice any correlation?  How did we get to this place?  To be continued…